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Determine the culprits:
The smells of your home can come from different sources: wort, old age, pets, food and daily diet, poor air circulation, smoke, old finishes – rugs / wallpaper, etc. Depending on the odor, you will first need to determine where the odor comes from. When you live at home for a while, you may be insensitive to smell and ask a friend or neighbor for advice on the source of the odor in your home.

Solve the problem:
Once you have found the problems, use the following tips to keep odors away:

Odors of mold:
If musty odors are caused by an aging house, consider painting the walls, changing the wallpaper, replacing the carpet and restoring the wood floors. If the smell comes from old furniture, read our Freshome article on eliminating moldy odors in furniture. Musty smells are among the most difficult to eliminate due to age and can be incorporated into the home.

Poor air circulation and smoke:
These two causes can be addressed by regularly opening the windows to let fresh air circulate throughout the house. Change the air filters for your furnace / air conditioner according to the manufacturer’s instructions. You can also purchase scented inserts specifically designed for your ventilated system to dispel odors throughout your home. Consider not smoking in your home to truly eliminate the smells of smoke in your home. Smoke settles in the finishes and can stay for years in the future.

Odors from pets can come from pet stains on carpets, cushions or furniture, or wet animal fur. Try to clean your carpets regularly and train pets at home to keep the carpets fresh. Consider using a carpet powder or a light baby powder on a carpet or vacuum cleaner.

Diet and daily:
Your home diet and the foods you cook regularly could be a source of odor in your home. This does not mean that you have to change your cooking habits, but you may also need to clean and air your kitchen. Use hood ventilation when cooking to eliminate cooking odors from the air. Empty garbage cans immediately after discarding food and consider doubling the bag if necessary. Install neutralizers in your kitchen to eliminate odors while you create them. Immediately dispose of garbage after placing them – and put fresh lemons in the sewer to keep them clean and odor free.

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