Saving Dorm Room

Most dormitories can accommodate beds on the mezzanine level. Enjoy high ceilings by lifting your bed like a loft. This gives you a considerable amount of space under your bed. The possibilities for this recovered space are almost endless. Do you want to make it a comfortable space for relaxation? A workspace with a desk and storage space? If you and your roommate loft your beds, your room will be twice as spacious. Do not forget to add a little memory height so you do not always go down to answer your phone or have a drink of water.

The majority of the dorms are smaller. If you can not get your bed up for extra space, try lifting it with a bedstead. These extra inches of storage space can make a huge difference when you live in a room. Consider reusing old drawers by adding wheels to the bottom and sliding them under the bed for organized and hidden storage. Find a cheap fabric or extra-long bedspread to keep your items private and give your bed a neat look.
When your room was cleaned during the summer, the furniture was probably refurbished. Do not be afraid to reorganize it; try to put two desks together, put the dressers in a new configuration, or put your bed near the window. Remember to cover an accent wall with removable wallpaper or use it to cover the drawers of your dresser. Mirrors are also a great way to give your room a feeling of space and light, so you can cover a wall with framed mirrors. If you can not pierce the walls, opt for decorative peel-and-stick mirrors. If you have an off-campus location to safely store this utility dormitory furniture (and your college does not stop you), replace some useless or unwanted items with items you like. Just be sure to bring back the school property at the end of the year.

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