Smart Multifunctional Rooms

It can be difficult to install a bathtub in a small space, but sometimes you just have to relax with a bubble bath. That’s why some enterprising home designers bravely place the bathtub in the bedroom. You may be wondering if this disturbs the look of the bedroom and gives the impression of sleeping in a room.

bathroom, but it’s pretty easy to get by with smart design choices. There are many ways to visually distance the bed from the bathtub, giving the space a logical and well-appointed appearance.

Combination of kitchen and dining room
One of the simplest ways to create multifunctional rooms is to create a kitchen with a dining area. As open floor plans become more and more popular, people do not want a separate dining room in their own room. They want to be able to cook and socialize.

The spaces below allow you to combine the kitchen and dining areas in one room. This is a very good idea for small spaces or smaller living plans, as it eliminates the need to create an entirely separate room. It also means that no one is isolated from the crowd during cooking.

If you work with a really small space, you need to be creative in your sleep arrangements. The beds occupy a lot of valuable space in a small living space. Fortunately, fold-down beds allow you to place a makeshift room just about anywhere, creating a truly multifunctional room.

Rather than feeling like a small space, the ideas below are an elegant addition to a space. The beds fold into cabinets of homogeneous appearance. They also combine some spaces that you would not expect to combine, such as a home office and a guest room.

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